Everyone wants secure and reliable IT environment through the monitoring and alerting machine data.  The Splunk Light is the best platform for small IT environments for convert machine data into real-time data.  This platform can automatically send alerts through the emails, and other RSS feeds. If you receive alert about any data, then don’t waste your time and allocate resources. The Splunk organization maintains the data, customizations, searches, and dashboards. There is no matter about the infrastructure changes and Splunk scale to meet user requirements.

The SPLUNK light gives the better ability and analyzes the specifics of security events.   With the Splunk light, the user easily searches, report and alert on your all log data in real-time data at one place.    The light is the best solution for small IT industry to analyze the machined data.   There are various features to use light comprehensive for small IT environments such as;

  • Start with small: The Splunk light software is free to download and easily setup user interface. This software is designed for small IT environments and organizations.
  • Access Real-time Data: With this software, user access the real-time data analysis features such as a report, search and alert on all data in the real-time data from one place.
  • Easy and automatic workflow: The Splunk light platform is best for all small IT environments. With this platform, the user easily automatically log search and analysis the machine data and convert into real-time data with Splunk proven technology.

On this platform, you can get the best quality services and analysis the machine data and convert into real-time data or accessible form.  The Olu Campbell has well experienced Splunk analyzers that provide the best advice for large-scale enterprise and access the machine data and future outcomes.  For more information visit the official website and get best analyze software for machine data.