As a web developer, you know the rigors involved in designing one website. From website layout to functionality and designing to meet the needs of a client, creating a website is no easy task. You take pride in its design and ensuring it’s user-friendly, easy to navigate and appeals to the end users. You know the challenges of managing one website, so what happens when you have more than one website to manage and maintain. Fortunately, there’s a solution – white label CMS multi-site software can help you.

What is a Multi-Site Platform?

Let’s give you another scenario for clarification. Imagine a situation where you are the only person handling the online communication of 12 colleges, five government establishment or 30 pension funds. Each of these establishments has its own website. Because they are different websites, any alterations or update will be time-consuming. Not only that, it will definitely take its toll on you. You need to provide unique content for each site. More so, updating database must take place from one site to another. You don’t need to have to go through all these rigorous work, thanks to white label CMS, multi-site software.

An internet platform can be the solution to managing and running multiple sites effectively. The platform is transformed into one big kit that contains reusable functionality, content and layout designs. You have everything you want in one single place – white label CMS multi-site platform. From this platform, you can create and publish new websites and also maintain existing website easily with ease.

And when it comes to design, websites operating within white label CMS multisite can have their own unique design and functionality. Plus, each site can have a different domain name. Also, each site can use different functionalities depending on the requirements of the users.

By managing all your website from a single location, it becomes easier to manage your websites. Also, it is more cost-effective. Though they share the same technology, each site has its own unique functionality, content, and design.

Benefits of CMS Website

Below is a highlight of the benefit that CMS has to offer.

  • Make your site a dynamic tool to generate business
  • Enjoy a beautifully designed website for a fraction of the price that bigger organization pay to get the same job done.
  • You don’t have to worry about excess charges from your web designing company that comes to update your website. It helps you save more.
  • White label CMS multi-site helps you stay ahead of the sea of competition in your industry.
  • Allows for greater flexibility where you can change or update data as you please
  • Run and manage hundreds of websites easily from one single location.

Who Uses White Label CMS Multi-Site Platform

The web marketing platform is designed for virtually every online business. Top on the list includes

  • e-Commerce website operators looking to deploy multiple specialized web stores
  • franchises, manufactures and multi-level marketing organization looking to offer highly efficient software to their franchisees, distributors, and dealers.
  • Affiliate marketers