Vehicle inspection is an engaging process. It requires the shop owner to have the inspection details. In the typical paper-based system, it is incredibly challenging to monitor all the inspection details. Luckily, auto shop software like Tekmetric is ideal for proper running and management of digital vehicle inspection.

Simplification of digital vehicle inspection

Tekmetric as a system has revolutionized vehicle inspection. Previously, for one to have a vehicle inspection there was a lot of paperwork involved. Fortunately, the auto shop software brings new aspects to the overall shop operations. Some of the areas the system introduces in the vehicle inspection include the following.

Unlike the paper-based system of vehicle inspection, the Tekmetric system centralizes information. The centralization simplifies the current and future inspections. Second, the system offers the shop owner a simple way to review the car inspection details over a more extended period. It also helps in creating a more elaborate follow-up from the clients’ side on the vehicle’s inspection progress.


Data in vehicle inspection is essential. The protection of data is one of the top priorities by the Tekmetric system. The system ensures the shop secures the entire client’s details, their vehicle details, and any other valuable information. This security assurance helps to keep clients and by large extent strengthens the client-shop ties. The auto shop software also prevents any sharing of data to a third party. In information sharing, the system permits the transfer of information only to authorized parties.

Tekmetric on shop management

Management is one of the reasons why digital vehicle inspection is ideal. The system improves the following managerial aspects for the shop owner. First, the system predicts timeframes. Time is vital in any inspection and repair. With the better handling of time, the management can plan work schedule more objectively.

An improvement to the paper-based inspection procedures, the system helps the management to evaluate how profitable the inspection compared to the company’s expectation. With a better tool to assess the shop profitability, the administration can objectively introduce price cuts for clients or increase the current charges. In addition to the shop having information on the profitability estimates, the management can reasonably charge the client. The paperless invoicing is not only modern but also efficient.

The management of the system can efficiently manage different shops in different localities. The system bridges the management desire of having control of different shops operations to efficiency. Tekmetric gives the shop management affordable route to improving the overall efficiency.

Shop operational

One of the advantages of a digital vehicle inspection platform is the ability to manage the shop operations. The platform gives both the clients and the shop management an easy way out of unplanned delays and time wastage.

First, the auto shop software improves the shop and client’s communication. The platform has a messaging option. This option is ideal for booking appointment and estimates inquiries. The messaging option is also an important communication alternative to potential employees and sending critical information to clients.

Tekmetric as an auto shop software also gives the shop owner access to clients’ history regarding their frequency to the shop. Having this vital information helps the shop in identifying loyal clients. Identifying clients and their frequency to the shop are ideal for maintaining client-shop relationships.

The system is also ideal for planning the employees’ schedules and tracking their productivity. Unlike the previous paper-based system, this option was not available. With this information, therefore, human resource operations such as promotions are more straightforward and objective.

Finally, on the management, the shop can monitor the shop taxation figure, their rates, and prices on parts. The information on finances is vital in determining the shop remuneration rates and future rates. Financial information is also ideal for evaluating the progress of the shop.