You need a franchise marketing strategy that actually works. Your franchisees expect their franchisor to provide excellent digital marketing services. With our cutting edge, digital marketing program, you’ll extend your brand’s identity and build momentum using your network’s size as its main strength.

You will be able to offer digital marketing solutions that help you stand out from the competition. Additionally, you’ll be able to help franchisees market their local websites according to their different levels of complexity and build visibility for your franchise recruitment program and network scales.

One of our best examples of a successful partnership is that of an emerging franchise that achieved an industry accolade and 10 times more leads in less than a year and a half. Local leads for franchisees increased by 400% in eight months as well. Investor leads shot up 700% in three months.

In particular, this franchise rebuilt its directory system by incorporating our large scale SEO marketing technology. It also re-engineered and honed the corporate website, which included a geolocated franchisee location system. Additionally, they implemented branded and locally customizable franchisee websites that connected to our centralized online marketing platform.

It also provided an excellent, comprehensive digital marketing program to its franchisees. The brand’s franchise development section of its website was also recreated to focus on upping the number of franchise investment leads.

By working with us, you’ll be able to offer something to your franchisees that other brands cannot: more leads at the local level through digital marketing that actually makes a difference in the number of leads and exposure to potential clients that franchisees receive. Your current franchisees will appreciate your state-of-the-art advertising program that helps them to differentiate themselves from their local competition. Potential new franchisees will use your superior digital marketing services as a deciding factor in whether to purchase a franchise.

By concentrating on increasing business at the local level, you encourage your franchisees, and their business grows. When that happens, your brand’s reputation as a great franchise to own and as being a reputable company to the general public improves. Business increases for everyone, and the brand continues to grow.

Contact us to request a demo or to read more about the specifics of the example emerging franchise partner. We look forward to hearing from and potentially working with you to help develop your franchise marketing strategy.