In today’s cutthroat business environment, one of the biggest hurdles before every organization is to identify and generate leads. Finding and attracting the right customers, evangelists, and even influencers is not an easy task by any standards. However, web scraping or web data extraction makes the otherwise complicated task of leads generation easy in the truest sense.

Here is a look at the three stages for executing an effective search through web scraping:


One of the first things to gather lead generation is to determine what all sources will be used. For this, it is extremely important to define the targeted audience and their sources of presence on the internet so they can be easily reached.

Do you want influencers to reach out to grow your business? You can make the process streamlined and simple by providing clear answers to such decisions. Thereafter, you can make use of web scraping tools to scrape information from websites of competitors initially for customer demographics. For instance, you may collect information about public forums of competitors to identify what their customers are looking for, what they are talking about, and what these customers are like. This will help you in getting great insights that can be extremely beneficial to bring them to your side.

Data Extraction

Data extraction refers to a comprehensive process of retrieving data, primarily unstructured, for further processing. You may write your own code that is time consuming or use a scraping software that costs only a little or you may partner with a third party for customizing data that is specific to the requirements of your business. For this, you may refer to Adlib YouTube Channel.

Cleansing And Structuring

The data is then required to be structured and cleaned to remove inaccurate or corrupt records and reorganizing or re-formatting the data